January 1, 2018

Buntzen Lake Engagement – Colin & Jessica


Colin and Jessica are good friends of mine, and we’ve been planning this shoot for a year before we got to do it. Colin is a talented musician (check out his stuff here), and Jessica is an incredible illustrator and painter (and you can see her work here). I share a love of art with both of them, and we all wanted to do something that pushed us creatively outside of my box. I got to experiment with mirrors, reflections, smoke bombs, and double exposure for this session. I couldn’t be more in love and inspired by these photos, cause first off – they are a real reflection of the two of them. My friends are creative and genuine, and being inspired by them allowed me to create art that I’ve wanted to… for a very long time. When you start to see the wishes of your heart and creativity coming to life, it is worth pursuing, it is worth encouraging, it is worth sharing.

My tip? Go create. If it intrigues your heart and you want to get those ideas out – do it. Your art is worth creating.