January 1, 2018

Maple Ridge Wedding – Jay & Rachel


I love to photograph musicians, but when it is musicians getting married – it’s even better! When I met with Rachel and Jay, they told me about their WEDSTOCK wedding – it was going to be low key, intimate, but with all of the rock n’ roll. The entire year, I was just waiting for this wedding – so excited to see it come together. Rachel and Jay trusted me completely, they wanted me to experiment, so not only was it a day to capture their moments but to also tap into my creative side to give them portraits that they would never forget. I met with Rachel a couple of weeks before the wedding and we talked about smoke bombs, so on the day of she was ready and we were able to have some fun in the forest. I’m not only thankful that they allowed me to capture the memories closest to them, but also that they wanted something new, something different, and something creative. I left feeling like I made new friends, but also inspired to have my creative ideas come to life.


The reception was hosted at a beautiful backyard in Maple Ridge. It included a rock concert, a whimsical photobooth