Prints for La Lima

In a short time of two weeks, communities in San Pedro Sula, Honduras were impacted by two hurricanes; Hurricanes Eta & Iota. The neighbourhood of La Lima has been devastated, leaving many homeless, alone – along with the Covid-19 pandemic.

My personal goal is to raise $1,000 for the month of December. I am selling 2 limited-edition prints, only 20 copies of each photo for $40. I will be donating $25 from each sale directly to this cause. The goal is that with all 40 prints sold that $1,000 can be contributed to the families and communities of La Lima. I will be raising money alongside my church, Cascades Church.

For more information from Casacades and to donate directly, please visit:

Information from Cascades Church: “To accomplish this we have partnered with MUNA Internacional who has a church located in La Lima, Cortés, Honduras, where many families lost everything to the flooding caused by Eta and Iota. Some have been unable to return due to the damage and mud that remains caked into their homes.

This church has identified 107 families in need of food, clean water, clothing, cleaning supplies, and new mattresses in La Lima.”

BBC recently did an article highlighting the need of Hondurans.

On November 29th the BBC reported the devastating affects of these hurricanes on Honduras:“Official figures suggest more than 150,000 people have been left homeless due to the damage caused by the two storms. Entire families are camping out wherever they can, even if it means sleeping rough by the side of a motorway.

 Many are developing health problems ranging from simple colds to skin rashes and gastrointestinal problems. Mosquito-borne dengue and Covid are also on the rise.

 According to the health ministry in Cortés region, some people are refusing to be tested for Covid for fear of being stigmatized if they test positive and being pushed out of the shelters where they have sought refuge.” 

You can purchase prints at the shop link below.