HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? My work is inspired by documentary films. I love to capture moments as they unfold with real emotion and passion. In two words, I can describe my work as intentional & kind.  I’ve been known as a “little ninja” by my clients and I’ll blend in with your guests to photograph naturally. I believe in the art of storytelling, which captures your details, tears, laughter, and quirks. My work is influenced by the Pacific Northwest, inspiring my darker and cooler tones that remind you of the west coast.


You can find out more about me HERE!

WHAT ARE YOUR RATES? Elopement packages start at $1,500. Smaller weddings (<30 guests/backyard weddings) for 3 hours are $1,000 and full day packages begin at $3,000 (8 hours). I offer a wide range of packages and add-ons, and can even offer custom packages. Get in touch for my full pricing.

Bands, both shows and promos, start at $400.

Design, both branding and print design, start at $500.

CAN I PRINT MY PHOTOS? Yes! Included in my prices are print permissions, so you can take your high-resolution copies and print away! You aren’t allowed to sell the photos, re-edit, or hire another professional to alter my images.

HOW MANY PHOTOS DO I GET? Your final image count will be 50-75 images per hour of coverage. So if your wedding is 10 hours, you’ll receive a set of images between 500 to 750 photos.

DO YOU SHOOT ALONE? I’ve shot 98% of my weddings by myself. I am a built-in second shooter and work tirelessly on your wedding to keep a constant eye on what moments are unfolding. For weddings under 150 guests, there’s no need for a second – but above that amount, it’s definitely a great option. I have wonderful photographer friends that are available for seconds and a second shooter can be added onto your package.

CAN I GET THE RAW FILES? Absolutely, not. Asking for raw files is like asking a chef… after they’ve prepared a wonderful meal for you, that you want the raw chicken instead.

DO YOU BACKUP? Always. I come to your wedding (or show) with two cameras, which have 2 memory card slots in each and they backup as they shoot. When I get home, the RAWs are then put on 2 external hard drives and CrashPlan for backup. 

WHEN DO I GET MY PHOTOS? My photos are delivered no later than 6 weeks.

CAN I MAKE YOU A BOARD ON PINTEREST? I love Pinterest! But when you see my work, you’ll notice that it is candid and focuses on how you interact naturally. My photos are directed by me and your natural interactions, and we will capture those moments that are authentic and special to you. I don’t want to be directed by Pinterest, instead I want to get to know you and photograph you in the best way possible – which is trusting me to direct and capture.


Concerts, festivals, and weddings can be summed up as: passionately chaotic. I love to shoot both and will do both for as long as I can. They rely on each other and help me to navigate through time crunches, fast movement, low lights, and lots of action.