This project was focused on two goals: using radial symmetry to create narrative-based illustrations, and using these illustrations for the purpose of spiritual/faith-based imagery. At the heart of every illustration, you will be able to see a cross shape, presenting the identity of Christ. The mood of this project is a bit somber, and less playful than my other work – but still rewarding. All the illustrations were drawn in Procreate.

This first illustration is meant to capture the traditional customs with Ash Wednesday. You’ll see four faces with ashes applied down the forehead. The pattern in the middle represents praying hands and candles.
In this illustration, the marks were created to represent a crown of thorns. The cross in the middle gives off a very official-state symbol, representing the trial with Pontius Pilate.
Simple in creation, this illustration shows the straight-forward action of Jesus being nailed to the cross.
Branching off of the previous illustration, this piece shows the wounded hands and whipping that Jesus endured in his crucifixion.
This piece merges all five illustrations into one, showing the magnitude of events, complexity, and darkness of the death on Good Friday and the waiting of Holy Saturday.
The center of the last illustrations shows the stone that was rolled away while the rest of the illustration bursts forth with the radiance of the sun and cross.