The World on a Wim is a blog by travel writer, Wim. Wim’s adventures are usually on a whim, become quickly filled with new friends, are always focused on telling a story, and respecting the land he visits. The World on a Wim is a resource, encouragement, and a story of a friend inspiring you to live a life of friendship & adventure.

The brand identity created wanted to capture images associated with travel, but captured Wim’s approach to traveling “on a whim” and tied in a nickname given to Wim – whimsical. Through the use of the globe, text in motion, and the stars – this branding captures the heart & personality this project.

The colour palette selected pays tribute to Wim’s love for Canada and his new home in British Columbia. The colours capture the cooler tones of the Pacific Northwest, and also capture Wim’s infamous toque, a dark red, as an accent & homage to Canada.

Alternates for the brand kept the heart of the main design, but is designed with versatility in mind that compliments different environments.

A symbol was created to be used as a logo mark and watermark for branded content. The stars speak to whimsy, and in every image – it encourages readers & aspiring travellers to live the life they’ve imagined.