“What The Stigma?”

Thank you for the interest in my project! Through out Spring 2020, I will be working on a series of illustrations that challenge the stigmas of mental health.

Below you can fill out a form where you share your experience of stigmas (either internally or from society). I will not be collecting names on this project, but if you wish to have your name included – you can add it to your paragraph below.

Some notes:

1. This project will capture 5-7 stigmas, so while I am accepting a range of responses – I will be selecting ones that can be translated (in my skill and capability) to illustrations.

2. Your story is important! Thank you for sharing, thank you for being brave, and thank you for being here!

3. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

4. This is a personal project, with the goal of expanding my skill to capture the stories, truth, and triumphs of your journey.