Leah Day Arts is a Vancouver multi-disciplinary artist, who is known for her abstract & surrealist artwork. Leah’s attention to detail and the process, allows her to create visually striking paintings.

The goal of this brand was to create a brand that capture Leah’s unique creations in a clean, bold, and professional way. As Leah’s market grows, she needed a brand that could scale with her opportunities.

The logo was inspired by how Leah writes their name – £ € A H •*• D A ¥ – we wanted to create something that mirrored this fun play on letters but that also reflected their use of geometric lines and details. The custom logomark reflects Leah’s heart for global unity, the colours compliment the tones most seen in their work, and brings together a brand that is unapologetically and uniquely Leah Day. The typography chosen is simple, keeping a focus on the artwork without detracting from the brand itself.

The services provided for this project are: branding, custom logomark, business cards, and website design.