NorthWood Percussion is a competitive percussion team based out of Indiana. Very few teams have a brand identity, however with the caliber of the team’s performances – having a recognizable brand would help to further distinguish NorthWood from other competitors.

The brand identity aimed for something professional that allowed the team to stand out from their high school peers, something that was as professional as their performances.

NorthWood prides themselves for their refined, technically sound, and challenging ensembles – a constant evolution of skill that continues to push borders.

The soundwaves were a way of communicating the technical prowess of the team, something clean but also worked as an icon for their initials “N” and “W.” The red circle presents a circular drum but also serves as a functional icon for jackets and other branded items.

One unused concept was more traditional in our approach, a design influenced by the percussion industry.

Another unused concept was more contemporary to suit the demographics of the students on the team. This design is more light-hearted and playful in its approach.