Overstory Media Group wanted social media graphics that are equally clean, personable, unique and focused on their team members. The project was to create social media ads for their Burnaby Beacon, Fraser Valley Current, and Vancouver Tech Journal news outlets. Each brand includes concepts that highlights the team and the tone of each individual reporting style.

The graphics created for their Burnaby Beacon paper highlighted their team, and involved the process of removing backgrounds to create graphics that highlighted brand-marks. One graphic-based design focused on individuals having a unique and influential place within their communities. Another concept focus on Burnaby being a “city on the hill” and focused on the beacon part of the name as a way of communication and recognition in the community.

The graphics for Fraser Valley Current stayed in theme with the brand, something that is refreshed, grounded, and informed. The designs both highlight team members, and the graphic-based designer play on the world “current” and capture the nature of the Fraser Valley. The process also involved creating patterns using elements from the brand.

Vancouver Tech Journal’s graphic are refined, clear, and established. Reflecting the earlier work, the graphics include photos to highlight the team, and a brand that is minimalist. The graphic-based designers were at the direction of Overstory Media’s Creative Director and their vision to keep technology at the center of the design.

Designs by Natahsha Priya | Vancouver Graphic Designer —– Art Direction by Carita Marsili of Overstory Media Group