As we enter into the weekend for Chinese New Year & Lunar New Year celebrations – I was inspired to illustrate a pair Chinese guardian lions.⁠

My hope and joy is that all the groups who celebrate this weekend will be able to do safely with those they love – free from prejudice and free from fear.⁠

I grew up adventuring around Chinatown here in Vancouver. The scents of Sandalwood, taking my first photos at the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Garden, and marvelling at the Paifang – it was (and is still) rich of culture, history and joy. Even today, it deserves to be celebrated and preserved. ⁠

Those times were memorable for me, but so was joining my family friends – warm hospitality, laughter and still not understanding how Mahjong is played. ⁠

My illustrated pair of guardian lions surround the design as a new year starts, a playful and visual attempt to show protection as you enter a new year.⁠ The line art is with a custom digital brush in Procreate – meant to capture the pressure & grit of traditional ink & brush.